DJ critikaL presents "Forever Legendary", a 2Pac mixtape

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

NEW DJ critikaL & 2Pac - Forever Legendary (2007)

It's finally here people! First of all, Merry Christmas! I appreciate you coming back here to download my new mixtape. I only have my listeners to thank.

Cover artwork done by me.

DJ critikaL Presents 2Pac
"FOREVER LEGENDARY" 2007 Christmas Mixtape

Download Link: [ HERE - Multi-Links (ShareBee) ]

* This mixtape was originally named "The Quiet Finale", so if you're looking for that, this is the renamed mixtape.

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Part 1 - The Studio Mixes
101. The Legend Lives On (Intro)
102. Where It All Began
103. A White Christmas (Interlude)
104. Hold On (Part 2) (Vocals by Stretch)
105. Thug Luv (Red Bandana) (Featuring Bone Thugs)
106. One Last Smile (Featuring Scarface & Johnny P)
107. Wish I Could Go Back
108. Hustler For Death (Vocals by Lupe Fiasco)
109. Not Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Ever (Featuring Kastro & E.D.I.)
Part 2 - The CG Mixes
201. Flowers 4 Tha Dead (Featuring D'mingo & Stretch)
202. GFreshSoul (Guitar by Eric Johnson)
203. Brenda's Got A Baby
204. Born Not To Make It
Part 3 - The Bonus Tracks
301. Where It All Began Instrumental (Bonus)
302. Brenda's Got A Baby Instrumental (Bonus)